About Us

My name is Nancy Reed. I am a standup comic from Austin, Texas. I was drawn into the world of alternative health when my daughter recovered from cancer and endometriosis. I attempted to get this information on the news, only to discover that pharmaceutical companies are the biggest advertisers on television. So... I decided to make a comedy documentary and tell people what I have learned.

Much ancient medicine is now available in the U.S., particularly traditional Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture is more than 5,000 years old and can successfully treat many "un curable" conditions, including:

I am astounded by the number of people who have recovered. I am so lucky and grateful and would be happy to hear of any other alternative modalities not mentioned here, that you would like to recommend.

M.D.s in the U.S. cannot discuss any alternative therapies with you. They must follow "Standard of Care." Standard of Care consists of only what they were taught in medical school and what's being practiced by their peers. Anything else is considered malpractice.


Harry Hoxsey is the guy who first marketed the herbal remedy that saved my daughter. She was out of pain for the first time in eight years within five weeks of taking this tonic. She also did a macrobiotic diet.

Check out how many times the federal courts and AMA have proven that this works! There is a film entitled Hoxsey (1987), narrated by Max Gail, that discusses the history of this treatment's suppression in the United States. You can rent it at some Blockbusters, or you can get it online. Writer/director Ken Ausubel has a book published in 2000 documenting the film's impact on Congress, and the subsequent establishment of the National Center for Alternative Health.

Digital Infrared Thermography:
Don't have mammograms! They irradiate you, and uh...that causes cancer. Digital Infrared Thermography doesn't squish you, is more accurate, and cheaper!

Vaccines are mandatory for American children. Ask any parent who has had their child refused admittance to school without an updated shot record. They can be dangerous in so many ways. There is also a phone number you can call to trace which "hot lots" or bad batches have gone where. It's I-800-909-SHOTS.

Computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS):
They take the ancient Chinese way of diagnosing you by interpreting disturbances in your electromagnetic field. They program the info into computers, and you can get a thorough screening of all your organs, as well as any toxins you've been over exposed to, and any vitamin deficiencies. This can pick up cancer way before X-ray can and reduces the need for biopsies and exploratory surgeries. A modern German invention...

Welcome to the 21st century.

Chi Gong:

Healers raise the vibrational frequency of the body using their hands. If you can't find the human kind, there are machines, patented by the Chinese, that mimic the same frequency. This accelerates healing. There are two types of which I am aware: one uses light, the other electric pulse. I've used both, and both work, but I like the light one best.

Electromagnetic Fields:
Radio, television, cell phone, power line, car engines, it's everything around us! Electromagnetic fields permeate our existence and pass through our bodies' ...all day every day. I wear a necklace that somehow offers some protection from that. I'm likin' that. Remember to sleep with your radio alarm at least 2 feet from your head, don't use electric blankets, and OHMAGOD! the blow dryer is bad for you. MY HAIR!